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We developed algorithms that take all predictions and spit out two things: 1) an accuracy rating or score for each user and 2) a community point spread, weighted according to each predictor's level of accuracy. Hopefully, this feedback loop will help the community produce more accurate lines/odds over time. But we need a lot of users. In other words, YOU are creating the GamePredict point spread.

You can track your picks, progress, and stats at your Profile Page or any other user via the Leaderboards.

You can also measure your performance on a game-by-game basis; your button for past games is color-coded relative to other user predictions for that game:
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You don't need to have an account to enjoy GamePredict. Our Schedule page neatly organizes every game with relevant pre-game and market information, including Vegas and GamePredict line history charts, win probabilities, and predicted scores.

Ever DVR games? Finally you can check the schedule and odds without spoiling the game. Just Click the Spoiler-Free toggle on the games page. This setting is saved for whenever you come back, whether you have an account or not.